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Children's Mental Health

Helping the Community

As a compassionate and community-driven organization, we at Lesley Hartman & Associates understand the vital role of giving back. With a heart dedicated to the well-being of children, our Child Services team are embarking on a mission to support children's mental health in a unique and meaningful way. We are reaching out to parents and guardians, eager to collect their frequently asked questions on the topic. These valuable insights will fuel an upcoming presentation aimed at fostering awareness, understanding, and open conversations about children's mental health. Together, Lesley Hartman & Associates and the community are taking steps towards a brighter, healthier future for our children.

Let’s Work Together

Help us by asking us about children's mental health:

Some examples:

"How do I deal with a child who doesn't want to go to school?"

"I think my child is pretending to be sick to avoid school, but I can't be sure, what do I do?"

"My teen is being picked on by a peer but refuses to let me talk to school authorities for fear of the situation worsening. What should I do?"

"What's the right age to provide a child a cell phone/access to the internet?"

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