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Please take a moment to fill out our Self-Referral/Book an Intake Phone Call (direct link below). You will be prompted to fill out an online Intake through Jane our secure practice software AND you will have the opportunity to book a date/time (call takes approximately15-20 minutes) to speak on the phone with our Intake Workers.  

Please note: Our Intake Workers are not therapists, they can however, assist with matching you and a therapist.  


Intake Phone Call Appointments:

Please note that we have very limited availability for services, many closed services and long wait times. We encourage you to review the list of open and closed services, below, prior to completing an intake, and if you do complete an intake, we encourage you to also reach out to other practices while you wait for your intake call. 


Closed Services:

The following waitlists are temporarily closed. Please check back as updates are made regularly. We are not currently accepting adult therapy referrals. 

  • Adult Therapy 

  • Adult Psychodiagnostic Assessments  

  • W-PATH Assessments  

  • DBT Group  

  • DBT Individual Therapy (if you qualify to be part of a comprehensive DBT program) 

  • Sex Therapy 


If you would like, you may make a referral for the following open services: 
Open Services:

  • Psychoeducational Assessments | Accepting new clients (Adults & Children) | For more information >> 

  • Child Psychodiagnostic Assessments 

  • RO-DBT Modules | Accepting new clients | For more information >> 

  • Therapy for children and youth | Accepting new clients  

While we are happily still accepting new child and youth therapy clients, please be aware that due to an influx of new referrals, the wait time to be seen has lengthened. Thank-you for your patience as we endeavour to serve you as quickly as possible. 

Not sure what type of assessment you need? Click here to read more >> 


Please proceed to our secure practice site to book an intake phone call.