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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO-DBT)


Are you the sort of person who is dutiful, avoids risk and novelty, always plans ahead, struggles to really connect with others, follows rules, feels unappreciated, has a hard time receiving feedback, or struggles to relax and be playful? Sign up for RO-DBT class and let us help you meet your goals!

RO - DBT is a new evidence-based treatment created by Dr. Thomas Lynch for patients with emotional/behavioural over-control which often leads to loneliness. ‘Self-control’ is usually seen as a good thing, however too much self-control can cause difficulties. Excessive self-control is associated with social isolation and poor interpersonal relations and it contributes to conditions like anorexia nervosa, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, chronic depression and autistic spectrum disorders. This treatment has also proved beneficial for treatment refractory anxiety (meaning you have tried treatments and they haven’t worked), and maladaptive perfectionism.

Module 1: Radical Openness & Emotions (8 weeks)

Module 2: Mindfulness and Long-Term Change (8 weeks)

Module 3: Tribe, Social Signalling and Interpersonal Effectiveness (9 weeks)

Dates for 2022- to be determined

For more information, or to begin the intake process, please visit our Self-Referral page or give us a call at 902.431.1721

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