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Parent & Youth Groups

Diversity Students

Teen Therapeutic Group:
Reducing Anxiety &
Depression Bootcamp

This is an intensive experience for learning strategies for copying with anxiety and depression. Teens will work on goals in a supportive and flexible environment throughout the sessions.

Determined according to individual group.

Beautiful Young Artist

Teen Therapeutic Groups:
New Stories

A group designed to teach the teen on how to look at their problems in a different way using a combination of individual writing and artistic expression activities.

Caring Child

Parent/Caregiver Workshops: Anxiety Education

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety in your child. Learn supportive strategies and guidelines to help your child cope day-to-day, and how to make improvements over time will be discussed.

Children Embracing in Circle

Child Therapeutic Groups:

Children learn self-regulation skills and strategies. Through games and activities, the child learns appropriate ways to express their emotions.

Teenagers in Nature

Teen Therapeutic Groups:
DBT Skills Training

Teaches skills and self-monitoring to target unwanted behaviours. Teens learn to establish a stable sense of self and to form fulfilling relationships. 

Kids with Backpacks

Parent/Caregiver Workshops:

Emotion Coaching

Become an effective emotion coach for your child's big emotions. Learn strategies for building strong connections, and copying with difficult behaviours. This is an ideal group for parents of children aged 5 to 12 years old.

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