Latest Update (9:30 am ADT, March 25, 2020)

To abide by the recent recommendations of the Chief Medical Examiner on March 24th, we are offering all of our clients telephone or online appointments until further notice to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We encourage all clients to contact their clinician to book your sessions through our secure tele-psychology measures we have in put into place. Your clinician will be able to assist you with this matter. 

Dear Valued Client,


Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that we are facing a globally urgent situation to limit the spread of COVID-19. This is a situation in which communal cooperation is required. Taking steps now will help to reduce the impact in Nova Scotia, especially for our most vulnerable. If we all do our part in that effort, we will succeed in protecting others in our community. Like you, we are deeply concerned and want to do what we can to help keep our communities and our families safe and healthy.


On behalf of Lesley Hartman & Associates Inc., I wanted to send a personal note to you to let you know what we are doing to protect you. We are following the guidelines and recommendations set out by the World Health Organization and the provincial Department of Health. We will be actively monitoring the situation and re-evaluating our response on a daily basis as things evolve to ensure a high level of safety and we will continue to communicate with you in a timely way when or if our response changes.


What We're Doing:

  • We are introducing additional cleaning procedures in our waiting areas and offices.

  • We are working to ensure our clients have access to individual therapy sessions if they need to voluntarily isolate or are quarantined, through telephone or video sessions.

  • We are easing the restrictions of our cancellation policy when our clients feel ill.

  • We are asking our associates who have traveled internationally within the last 14 days to self-isolate for two weeks prior to returning to work.

  • We are ensuring that our associates do not come to work if they are ill or experiencing any symptoms.

  • We are postponing group sessions, and providing group clients with additional one-on-one supports.

  • We are monitoring new developments so that we can quickly adapt to continue to provide client services.


What We’re Asking of You:

  • Wash your hands prior to visiting our waiting room to minimize surface contamination for other clients, staff, and immunosuppressed individuals using the space. Wash rooms are located in the inner hallways across from our main suite entrance.

  • If you have travelled outside of the province in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has travelled recently, call the office to notify your therapist to arrange a phone or online session, or to reschedule.

  • If you, or someone you have come in close contact with, shows symptoms such as fever, coughing, or shortness of breath, call the office to notify your therapist to reschedule or arrange a phone or online session.

  • Keep yourself safe by following precautions of the World Health Organization ( and/or Canada Public Health Services (


We recognize this is a challenging time for all. We remain deeply committed to the safety of our clients, therapy team, and communities, and to your mental health. We are still here to support you, so please be sure to reach out, even if you cannot attend an appointment in person. If you have any questions about this letter, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached by email at, or by telephoning 902-431-1721.


Please take care of yourselves and each other,

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