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About Kendra Blackburn

Navigating life can be tough, next to impossible some days. You may need coping skills, a supportive, non-judgemental sounding board, an environment where you can feel safe enough to explore what you are feeling, or help processing past events that are holding you back. Whatever challenges you are facing, I promise you are not alone and there is hope.  

Therapy sessions are time and space – it’s an environment that is more than four walls. Here, you need to feel safe, unjudged, and free to be authentically you. This space is about your unique story and background, your healing and growth, and your goals to move you forward.  I help my clients learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, to develop self-compassion, healthy boundaries, and to build or strengthen their foundation of self-care. Many of those I work with have experienced ‘Big T’ trauma, like childhood or adulthood abuse, or motor vehicle accidents, or an accumulation of ‘small t’ traumas over their lifespan or recent past. Whatever has brought you here, we will collaborate to come up with a treatment plan to get you through it.   

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), and passionate about helping clients process unresolved trauma. In addition, my qualifications include a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University. During my graduate studies I was fortunate to gain experience as a Counselling Therapist intern at a pro bono clinic in Halifax, The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic. 

I started my private practice ‘KB Counselling Therapy’ in 2019. In March 2020, I joined a multidisciplinary clinic as their primary Counselling Therapist, serving clients in five of their locations. Before becoming a Counselling Therapist, I also worked in small option homes for residents with severe mental health and developmental disabilities and in the insurance industry in the claims department. I believe my work experiences have given me unique insights and skills to help guide clients on their journey. I am honored to be part of the incredible, dynamic LHA team, where I will continue to grow and develop my skills as a Counselling Therapist.

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