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About Alexa Kroon-Canning

Originally hailing from South Africa, I am a Clinical Social Worker (BSW, MSocSc, RSW) and EMDR therapist with extensive experience in treating various mental health concerns. I completed my Bachelor of Social Work and later my Master of Social Sciences (specializing in Clinical Social Work) at the University of Cape Town.


I have experience with in-patient treatment, outpatient psychotherapy, and university-level teaching. I aim to tailor treatment to the specialized needs of every client and use an integrative approach informed by CBT, DBT and psychodynamic principles. Generally, I am dedicated to providing holistic and sustainable support for individuals living with the effects of mental illness, addiction, abuse, dependency and trauma. I am committed to bringing about social change and intra-psychic healing with the use of psychosocial and evidence-based practice, providing a pragmatic and straightforward approach to personal and systemic change. 


My particular area of interest is the use of EMDR, DBT and peer support in the holistic treatment of concurrent disorders, although I treat a variety of conditions. I celebrate working with people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and am passionate about facilitating change in the therapeutic process. 


I pride myself on being warm, calm and non-judgemental, and all my work is grounded in client-centred philosophy. 


"The world can only change from within." - Eckhart Tolle

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