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About Chelsea Smith

I believe whole-heartedly in individuals' abilities to find what they need to lead full, meaningful lives while working in a safe and affirming therapeutic environment. While remaining warm and non-judgemental, I challenge my clients to move towards what scares them, and in doing so, reconnect with their authentic selves and discover new ground within themselves.


My approach includes inviting clients to glean insight from their experience in the present moment and from physical sensations in their bodies. I also like to pay attention to how our relationship develops over time, with sufficient trust. I primarily draw from attachment and mentalization-based therapies, mindfulness traditions, parts work and acceptance and commitment therapy in my work.

I work with adults describing a variety of different challenges in their lives, including anxiety, trauma and its many ripple effects, attachment and relationship challenges, disordered eating, depression, grief, role transitions, fertility, parenting, somatic/physical pain and academic stress. Many of my clients self-identify as neurodivergent and/or LGBTQIA+.

I am a Candidate Psychologist having received my masters of arts in Counselling Psychology from McGill University. I've taken a winding route to get here. My diverse academic background and years of experience in community development settings around the world have left me with an appreciation for how unpredictably our paths can unfold. I look forward to meeting you and bearing witness to where you are on your path, and walking along side.

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