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About Jessica Heidebrecht

I am a Clinical Social Worker, trained in multiple therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Radically Open-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO-DBT), Prolonged Exposure (PE)/DBT-PE, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization). I provide therapy for various concerns such as personality disorders, substance or gambling misuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

I received my Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Social Work degree from Dalhousie University. I received a Master of Social Work (Healthcare) from University of Waterloo, and also have a Master of Divinity (Counseling) for clients interested in exploring issues of spirituality. I have worked in a variety of settings including community mental health, Borderline Personality Disorder clinic, and Operational Stress Injury clinic for Veterans and RCMP.

It has been and continues to be a privilege to hear people’s stories, and an honor to witness their resilience and recovery. I have a passion for using evidence-based therapies, tailored to an individual’s needs to help client’s reach their goals and always practice from a strength-based lens. I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients, while simultaneously providing a supportive therapeutic relationship. Ongoing professional development is very important to me, and in my spare time I enjoy reading and hiking.

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