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About Janice Spencer

I’ve had the privilege of practicing social work since 1997. Since graduating with my MSW in 2004, I’ve worked extensively with people facing life-altering diseases, including Cancers and other Chronic Conditions. As people manage the multifaceted nature of these diseases, alongside other life stressors, I take a whole-person approach to addressing the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of living with non-curative disease. I have helped individuals, families and groups find ways to cope and even thrive through the most challenging of circumstances. Let me be your guide, and you will see how adjusting to a “new normal,” desired or not, can be a catalyst for incredible things.

A great value of having a specialized clinician in your corner is that they “get it.” Not only do they carry the ability to address a person’s psychological/emotional needs, but they also come with an understanding of the adjustment process to chronic illness and an understanding of what you may be experiencing. Relevant information and/or appropriate situation-specific resources, as well as an appreciation of the typical challenges each diagnosis holds, is invaluable. Coupled with this, I also draw upon a great deal of informal knowledge drawn from years of experience in the field.


I have witnessed first-hand how resilient people are and how they are best able to face major transitions and challenges in life when they are equipped with the right tools and support while surrounded by the right people. I work from a client-centred, strengths-based approach which puts you in the driver’s seat as we figure out together which tools and supports will be most helpful to you. Whether therapeutic counselling to help with the psychological/emotional impact of your situation or more practical things like helping put a care plan in place after a new diagnosis, I’d love to work with you and/or your chosen supporters. Together, we’ll “stack your deck,” surrounding you with any existing tools/supports that can help and continuing to build up your own.

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