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About Chantal Piercy

I offer counselling through CBT & traditional talk therapies; as well as play therapy and Theraplay-informed practices with children (aged 2+), youth, adults, siblings, parent-child dyads (from babies to adolescents), & families. I provide Trauma-Focused CBT to children (5-16 years old), with parents/caregivers involvement in the process.


I have a passion for play and expressive arts, including sandtray, which I bring into all of the work and am able to use this with adults who are open to this, as well as kids & families. I work with a large range of clients including those with anxiety, depression, OCD, neurodiversity, learning disorders, intellectual disabilities, exposure to domestic violence, grief, divorce/separation, bullying, more severe mental health issues, adoption/fostering & general life stressors. I am a person-centred practitioner who works through strengths-based and attachment lenses, exhibiting empathy, acceptance, congruence, and unconditional positive regard for all my clients. I am culturally humble and non-judgmental. I hold a Masters in Counselling Psychology; masters level qualifications in play therapy, special educational needs coordination and teaching; Level 1 Theraplay; training in IFS in Play Therapy, Lego Therapy, CBT and Trauma-Focused CBT. 


I am originally from the UK and moved to Nova Scotia, with my family, in 2018. Here in Canada, I have worked as a Child & Family Counsellor, within a domestic violence organization, and as a special needs teacher & therapeutic play practitioner at a private special school. I also began my private practice, ‘ThruPlay’, in 2018, where I provided counselling, play therapy and therapeutic tutoring. My background is in working in schools in the UK as a play therapist and lead therapeutic special needs teacher, with children and adults who had neurodiversity and/or intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges. 

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