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About Azra Poe

I approach this work collaboratively. I am a relational therapist, meaning, it is most important to me that we are building trust in our dynamic in order for there to be the depth that feels safe in your healing journey. 

I use a somatic approach to notice how your experiences are embodied in the therapy room. For example, where do you hold anxiety? In your chest? The pit of your stomach? Whatever story, feelings, or emotions bring you to therapy, I help you to notice how you carry the experience of them in your body. This awareness can help you know your held beliefs at their core and from there we are simply present with them. What shifts when we offer our attention to your core beliefs? Does your body want to fight it? cry? shake? These are natural responses that are not often nurtured in our childhoods, and this society. As a result, we learn to protect ourselves and halt the natural responses. 

My approach is also from a social justice lens, as we understand ways you may have internalized social beliefs and how that may be impacting your body and mind. 

I am dedicated to working with trauma, PTSD and CPTSD. Somatic therapy is especially helpful for those who still live the experience of trauma in the body. I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral studies based in San Francisco. I was trained from a social justice lens in the heart of innovative psychology and social change. I also have extensive experience working with groups on sexual assault and harassment prevention. 

I believe presence is healing, and therapy is a container where co-regulation can occur with the loving presence of the therapist being with, not only what you communicate with your words, but your being as well. I am listening for where healing is wanting to happen in your system and trying to make space for it. I am honest and unafraid to speak to the unsaid when trust is built. 

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